How good do you have to be to become certified?

This was an interesting question for me as I wavered between:

1.  I religiously source all information; I am always helping others; I know my sources; I use computers regularly and I am thought of as an “expert”

2.  I am not good enough; I do not attend the conferences; I am not interested in English research and I am doing too many other things to put this on my plate as well.

What is odd is that both 1 & 2 are true.

So, like most things, it depends on the approach you want to take and what you want to get out of the process.

A friend of mine is going to the week long seminars in Alabama, attending national conferences and building her business before she applies.  She says that I am “ahead of her.”  I am not so sure.   I decided that I would use the process to educate me in my weak areas and attend some educational events sponsored locally. Since I have no intention of starting my own business, I will use the application (and response) process to learn more about my skill level.  The critique will be beneficial.  If I get the certification, so much the better!  This sounds pretty laissez faire but if you know me, I am just a little competitive!  🙂  I will try my darndest to get certified.

So my advice to others getting started, decide why YOU want to become certified, figure out a game plan and then go for it with a vengeance.

Check out the newly added feature on the sidebar….”Tip of the Day”.  This will just be a quick tip based on what I have learned in the past few days.

Happy Hunting!



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