Should I get more organized?

Perfect weather here in Seattle, making it difficult to be indoors.  We have a limited supply of weather perfection here in the NW and people tend to really appreciate the gift!

BUT…I thought I should get a little more organized first.  Since I am also chairing a conference in 2012 in Illinois, I had a lot of “stuff” sitting on the desk.  It was a bit of a mess. I wanted to show you how messy it was.  Unfortunately, I took the before photo vertically but the blog rotated it to a horizontal orientation, even tho’ it is in file in the correct orientation.  Whoops! At least I got the cleaned up photo uploaded  (Technology 1, me 0)

after clean up: notice cat

I went to IKEA and bought a new book case and this morning I assembled it.  Of course, just having a new book case means you have to go through everything and cull.  Which I did do.  I now have the white 3-ring binders by family for sources on the top of my desk, reference materials to the right with scratch paper, and in the book case (out of the picture range) is all my ethnic information for Ostfriesland (OSBs, tax rolls, books, maps etc.), Sweden and Denmark, family books (Hemmes, Jacobson, Wientjes etc.) and a whole shelf for the conference!  Yea!


what I did yesterday:  wrote some more on the lineage report (got to Johan Edvard!); joined National Genealogy Society, read some of their materials, went to IKEA and bought the book case, watched some football.


2 comments on “Should I get more organized?

  1. Angela says:

    Superb! I love your little nook.

    • jkmorelli says:

      Thanks, Angela. it’s been a couple of years in the making so it was nice to get it organized. The downside is that I discovered my 6″+ stack of “Things to do” that I haven’t done yet! Ouch.

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