Where do I find examples of what I am writing?

The rigor which is applied to writing the papers required is a very high standard. This reminds me of writing my papers for grad school with less room for “creativity” in regards to form or footnoting. With my subscription to NGS, I downloaded some of the quarterlies (the scholarly journal; not the magazine) and found some articles which seemed similar. This will be a big help, I think.

Some questions I have/had included:
What types of information did NOT need a footnote?
How much information can be covered with one footnote?
What format to use?
If I use Evidence! as my standard format, what happens if the best example is in Evidence Explained or on the Quicksheet and it seems to deviate in form?

I decided to check every data point and so the process is slow going. My methodology for each person is to write the genealogy paragraph and then cite the sources in that paragraph, then the life history and cite the sources for that paragraph etc. It seems to be working but I spend probably 15 minutes in the writing and an hour or more in the citing the sources. It is slow going.

I have gained a greater appreciation for the articles in the Quarterly, however.

things I did today: read two articles in the Quarterly; am still writing the paragraph on Johan Edvard Andersson. (going on 3 days now!)


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