So what are the requirements for application?

There are seven components to the application:

  • Code of Ethics
  • Background resume
  • Document work on a BCG supplied document
  • Document work on a self supplied document
  • Research report for a Client
  • Case Study using Conflicting information
  • Kinship Determination report

For the next few blogs, I thought I would take each one in sequence.  It is very possible that I will do this periodically so you can see how I am doing.

The “easiest” one to do (“all” you have to do is sign your name) is the Code of Ethics; however, it is a life long commitment to acting responsibly to the people and the objects with which we work.  It points out our civic responsibility to the institutions that assist us in our discovery.  In these hard economic times and as library staff hours are reduced (Seattle library was closed last week for a “furlough”) our responsibility to be less “needy” increases.  We also must be more patient as we wait for assistance; or less demanding when a document is not delivered from the stacks quickly enough for us and not surprised if we find out a governmental office is closed when we wanted it (but didn’t check their schedule) to be open.  It is every day; forever.

Having a deep respect for libraries, the people who work there and the books and other media within them should be easy for genealogists, as we know how fragile these documents can be.  Do you know someone who rescued materials from the dump to put in a library or a heritage center that have helped a genealogist?  I do.

Frau Popkes rescued the records of the 19th century notary public, Thomas Cramer from Weener, Ostfriesland (Germany).  In those documents I found the land purchase document by my gggrandfather, Baje Loerts Wientjes.  These records are now stored in an archive in Weener for many to use.  One day I hope to go back and scour the records for others of my family.  Stories like this repeat themselves all over the world and point out the fragility of the records we have.  It is stories like these which make our obligation even greater to act responsibly in all matters relating to the the materials we use and the people who help us use them.


what I did today:  went to a 2 hour yoga class and then did very little on the lineage report.  I have a list of 8 children each with a birth and death date.  This makes for 16 citations just on a list of 8 names.  I did two citations this evening!


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