What citation form do you use?

Tonight I have been working on my Client Report.  It will be composed of a graphic (i.e “picture book”) report (short citations) and a ascendancy report fully cited.  I started both of these this evening.

On the video about certification with Tom Jones (on the BCG website, link is on the right), he states that applicants should use some reputable form of citation structure but a critical aspect is consistency.  The Rubrics for Evaluation of the application published by BCG states “Sources are cited fully and consistently, following recommended standards; lapses of any kind are few in number and generally minor in consequence.”  I have been using Evidence! Citation & Analysis for the Family Historian by Elizabeth Shown Mills as my base.  What do you use?

The difficulty, of course is that even Ms. Mills changed her format when a few years later she wrote Evidence Explained.

I also, this evening found this site which seems good as well:


Check it out and let me know what you think.  I know that my approach is to put the minimal amount of information in the citation so the source can be located.  Some form writers seem to ascribe to the theory that the longer the citation the better, operating under the “belt, suspenders and a rope” philosophy.

I would be interested in knowing what your approach is to this.

Happy hunting!


What I did since the last post:  I did go to work today and earn a little money!  Started the reports for Jens T. Dahle while I am waiting for the final documents I sent for (naturalization papers and death certificate).  Got a notice that 3 of the items I ordered on inter-library loan cannot be taken from their home library.  I am not surprised.


One comment on “What citation form do you use?

  1. N. P. Maling says:

    The ancestry.com, and thus the progenealogists.com version of the ancestry.com citations should not be used. They are ugly, but not as ugly as the NARA style … Just my opinion. NPM

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