Procrastinators Unite!

I still haven’t started writing the client report!  I have several reasons for this, one being I am catching up on my back episodes of NCIS and when the cat lays on my lap I am absolutely pinned to the most comfortable chair in the world until NCIS is over or the cat wakes up (which ever is first).

I have received a “bygdebok” of the Norwegian parish I am working on for my client which lays out about 3-5 more generations of ancestors for me.  While I would like to include these in the report, I must remain true to the intent of the client contract.  So, I need to get to the writing.  Tomorrow!  🙂  I must say I am “lucky”.  This particular line was extremely easy to trace back.  I am sure that for every “easy” one there are many more unsuccessful hunts that yield nothing for the client.

I am trying to decide how to present the graphic narrative.  As an architect, I like to see visuals (photos, maps etc) of what I am writing about, so I am thinking of setting it up this way (consider this a very rough outline….we’ll see if it changes):

  1. Introduction
  2. Birth, confirmation of Jens T. Dahle*
  3. Immigration (there will be little on Jens, more on Norwegians in general)
  4. the Civil War years (lots of information here, may cover the battle he was captured at and the hospital where he was for months)*
  5. the years between the Civil War and when he got married*
  6. lineage (ancestors) of Jens T. Dahle

The ones marked with an asterisk will probably have photos.  If I am lucky I may find some photos related to the immigration but we have only found the record of his leaving the parish.  He came too early (1858) for there to be Norwegian records and Norwegians generally came through Quebec (therefore, the reason I couldn’t find him in the Castle Gardens database).  There may not be much for no. 5 either, but we will see.  I anticipate that all except no. 4 and 6 will be 1 page.

Happy Hunting!  Tomorrow I will start writing!


What I have done since the last post:  Received two more books from the UW Libraries and looked through each of them.  They are rich in information that will help both the certification client report and the class room assignment.


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