Is it possible to show a little creativity with the Client Report?

Well, I hope so!  This is probably the only place you can digress from the BCG form because different clients ask for different things.

I completed the first solid draft of the lineage section of the Client Report and I am now onto the narrative.  This will be done similar to my books I have published but I have to figure out how to cite my sources in the document.  I work on a MAC which allows me lots of graphic license.  I am pretty pleased with the organization of it (focused on the Civil War; take it year by year; look at the hospitals/nursing development and then look at prison conditions.) I also have to write a cover letter explaining what I did, what needs yet to be done and any other observations.

For the class assignment, I will focus on the historical context more….nursing, hospital development, prisons…and less about Jens.  We do have an assignment due pretty soon, a Family Group Sheet and a pedigree chart with sources.  I have to clean up the sources a bit and then it is ready to print (just using the computer generated reports).

At some point in time I will post what I submit so you will see it.  I also hope, like Michael, to post the comments (even tho’ that will be tough….he is a great role model in that aspect).  I still have no timetable for submission and since I have not yet applied, the 1 year “clock” hasn’t started yet.

Finished reading the diary of Hannah Ropes.  Her work is chronicled in Civil War Nurse, a story of her activities at the Union General Hospital in Washington DC.  She died after catching typhoid in 1863 in the hospital.  She did a nice job of describing the situations in the hospital including the treatment (not good) of the nursing staff.  She also was infuriated with the head doctor and the Steward who stole supplies from the men who were trying to get well.  She went straight to the Secretary of War and got them removed!  My kind of woman!  She also supervised Louisa May Alcott who went on to write Hospital Sketches of her time in the same hospital.

Did you know that Walt Whitman was an “ambulance driver/nurse” in the Civil War?  He was in the field.  I am trying to see if he was in the field at the same time as Clara Barton.

What are you working on?

Happy Hunting!


What I have worked on since the last post:  the graphic narrative for the Client Report. got the organization to my liking and have a very preliminary draft layout.


2 comments on “Is it possible to show a little creativity with the Client Report?

  1. Daria Fedyshyn says:

    Do you have a photo of Hannah Ropes? I’m having a hard time finding any photos of her.


    • jkmorelli says:

      I used an image I got when I googles “Hannah Ropes image”. Try it. If not, then I got an image of her from within the book. If you have problems, let me know, I can e-mail you what I used.

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