So where am I with my classroom assignments?

I am finding my class at the UW in Genealogy & Family History is a combination of new and interesting information, a different approach to doing family history research and some activities which are so basic I am amazed the instructors even consider it necessary to cover!  The course is conducted over 3 quarters for 1 full academic year, with the final assignment a major paper which is an integration of history and genealogical information.  I am doing my paper on the Civil War and the evolution of medical care using Jens T. Dahle as my person of focus.

The assignments are as follows:

  1. Pedigree chart and family group sheet, fully cited: already handed in
  2. Vital records:  I have realized that I do not know what this assignment even is!  Gotta work on this.
  3. Example of census document with citation
  4. Critique of two GENWeb sites: not started.  I will do this over Thanksgiving
  5. Letter of lnquiry: completed, not submitted
  6. Identification of a US county history and cited: completed, not submitted
  7. Take home quiz: not started
  8. Bibliography of a variety of sources (15+): completed, not submitted
  9. Newspaper research: newspaper on order through Inter-library Loan, not yet received; if it doesn’t get here right after Thanksgiving, I will have to identify another newspaper and write the (brief) report on it instead.
  10. Annotated chronology: started, not yet in final draft form.  Might work on this tomorrow.
  11. Oral history interview: assignment not yet given, not due until the start of 2nd quarter.

So, it looks like I am in pretty good shape to have these get submitted on the 15th of December.

I found doing the Bibliography the most interesting as the instructor forced me to use resources that I never would have investigated: scholarly journals, encyclopedias (don’t poo poo this until you find out the shear numbers of them that exist on amazing topics), diaries, county histories, etc.  This assignment was fun.

Happy hunting!


What I have done since the last post:  pet the cat.


One comment on “So where am I with my classroom assignments?

  1. Mary says:

    Ollie cat needs a lot of petting so I’m glad you fit that into your schedule!

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