Can the NGS conference assist in certification?

The quick answer is “yes”.

Over this holiday I have had an opportunity to do a little internet cruising, working on some of my assignments and other writing activities yesterday.

On 1 December NGS will officially open its registration for its annual conference in Cincinnati.(FYI: It appears to be open now.)  I am planning on attending.  A few of the classes caught my attention, primarily the all day workshop on BCG certification.  I am anticipating attending that one for sure.  Others of interest are the classes taught by Tom Jones.  I will look closely at any session marked for Advanced.  With the decision to attend the BCG certification workshop, it delays my submission of the portfolio to BCG from April/May to after the conference or May/June.

Any one else planning on going?

I recently received a letter from NARA which told me that they did not have the pension records for Jens but that they existed at the Department of Veteran’s Affairs.  I have to requested the information using the Federal Information Act.  The letter from NARA was interesting as it was obvious that NARA felt that these records should be held by them and not Veterans Affairs.  It is interesting that the military records are held by NARA but not the pension records.

While I was looking at some items on the internet I discovered that a close acquaintance from Denver CO, Birdie Monk Holsclaw died in May of 2010.  In the 80’s, Birdie and I understood the power of the computer for genealogy.  We started the Colorado Computer Genealogy group, one of the first in the country.   She and I made contact again about 7 years ago and was very supportive .

Thinking of family in the broadest definition of the term!

Happy Hunting!


What I have done since the last post:  Of my 9 items on my Thanksgiving Genealogy “to do” list, I have ticked off 6 items, including writing the class quiz, wrote Veterans Affairs, worked on the Chronology for class, wrote an article for the Ostfriesen newsletter about the conference in August, wrote a fun quiz for the same newsletter and wrote up the summary of issues on my Danish ancestor for Helle to give to her friend.  Whew!


2 comments on “Can the NGS conference assist in certification?

  1. Sheri Fenley says:

    I knew there had to be a reason I am so drawn to your blog. When I attended Samford University for the Institute for Genealogical and Historical Research for the first time in 2008, I took the Land Records course that was taught by Birdie. Seeing that I was new and unsure of myself, she took me under her wing that week. It is because of her that I became confident of my research skills and my abilities enough to take on clients and to work towards certification.

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