Are there any tips for writing the BCG resume?

Well, there are some!

First of all, the BCG list of requirements for the resume results in a resume like you have probably not written before.  I have worked all afternoon on mine and there may be some “lessons learned” for you.

  • The educational section (2-A) asks for your non-genealogical education.  Do not forget to include your awards etc. that you might have received in your line of work.  It does not have to be exhaustive but should show leadership, excellence in your field, etc.
  • Of course, your reasons for seeking certification (2-C) should not be frivolous.
  • The section to discuss your experience in genealogical research (2-D) seems to me to be misplaced and is better at the very beginning.  It forms a “Profile” of you.
  • I broke up Research Facilities (section 2-E) into sub categories based on the two sub-categories they listed (names of facilities and approaches you take to access materials outside your home).  I then broke the latter sub-group into the sub-sub-categories that they listed and addressed each one separately.
  • the List of articles etc. (2-F) took the longest for me.  I had to go through all the back issues of a newsletter that I write for and list all the articles.  I still do not think I caught them all but there are 15 or more on the list.  It was more than I thought there would be.  I broke this into two sub-categories called “articles” and “teaching” since I have done a lot of both.  I put them both under a common title of “publications”.  It seems to work.
  • I have held positions of responsibility with one of the organizations I belong to and so I included it in the section called “list genealogical….societies” (2-G).

I used my MAC’s standard template for a resume and modified the titles to be consistent with what they asked for.  I also kept things in the same order except for moving the Profile piece to the lead paragraph.

Hope they aren’t too persnickety about that!  Those of you who might have comments or thoughts to share, please do.  I might be totally off base with these!

Happy Hunting!


What I have done since the last post:  worked on the resume and finished up the Take Home Quiz!


4 comments on “Are there any tips for writing the BCG resume?

  1. – The resume section of your BCG application is not judged. They do not take points off for it and do not add points based on it. It is only there so that they can suggest areas where you may need more work if you do not submit a successful application.

    – Be honest. Do not try to sound more experienced than you are, or try to “look good.” This will only be a disservice to yourself.

    I do have a question about your second tip. What is a “frivolous” reason for seeking certification?

    • jkmorelli says:

      Good to know that the resume is not a graded part of the review. Thanks for that tip, Michael. I do think you make a good point to make sure that you include at least a representative sample of the activities you have been involved with. The first time you applied, did the judges suggest additional activities for you? What kind of activities, if any, have you heard of them suggesting (to you or to others)?

      You’re right. I did not include the “tip” of being honest. That is a good add.

      As to your question, what would be a frivolous reason for getting certified….let’s see….my friend got certified, so I thought I would too? …the letters would look “cool” after my name? …I had nothing else to do that day (month, year) so I thought I would try to become certified? The word “frivolous” was used with a sense of jest….like these examples! No one, I would guess, would go through this application process on a whim.

      Thanks again, Michael for the comments. And I am enjoying your blog as well. You were very busy this past week.

  2. Sharon Marangoni says:

    What exac!ly does a genealogy resume look like? I have one for my profession, but it seems to be different than what I think a genealogy resume might be…. Do I put all of the conferences I have attended? My own research hours? Hours I have done for someone else? What about format? And, DO I include experience from my old work life, my HS and college education? I just need a hint on where to start! Thank you for your help~

    • Jill Morelli says:

      Sorry for such a slow reply. My genealogy resume “lumps” similar types of learning together. In my case I had lots of education items and so I could be more generic in my “resume.” The rubric asks for variety that advances your genealogy education. so I put the more intense learning experiences first–so institutes were listed before major conferences, which were before my self-education, including webinars. Some were lumped together–webinars–and some were listed singly–such as the institutes. So, should you list all your conferences? Maybe, you have to decide.Certainly the creation of a portfolio is a learning process just by the doing! Start wherever you feel assisted you with your genealogical education. For example, I might (but didn’t) have included my Masters program. It isn’t in history, library management or genealogy, but it taught me to write reports, do original research, conduct interviews etc. So I doubt this has answered your question but I hope it offers some ideas. Jill

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