So, what DID I do on my Thanksgiving vacation?

I hope that everyone’s Thanksgiving was a good one.  We spent ours with my husband’s brother’s family and our daughter flew in from Boston to be there as well.  The weather even cooperated!  While I was there I was able to work on a number of my assignments for my class.  I was going to work on the resume for the BCG certification but because they did not have iPages (the MAC equivalent of Word for Windows) I decided to wait until I got home.  The assignments are due 15 December.  I worked on the following in yellow:

  1. Pedigree chart and family group sheet, fully cited: already handed in
  2. Vital records:  I have realized that I do not know what this assignment even is!  Gotta work on this.
  3. Example of census document with citation:  did this one.  I consider it 100% ready to hand in
  4. Critique of two GENWeb sites: Have it drafted at 95%.  Need to final review and then I will be done
  5. Letter of inquiry: Picked a different one and got it’s letter off.  I consider this 100% complete.
  6. Identification of a US county history and cited: completed, not submitted
  7. Take home quiz: did this one to about 90% complete.
  8. Bibliography of a variety of sources (15+): re-reviewed this one and saw several things I could improve upon.  My next blog will be about the variety of sources that are out there to investigate and the improvements  I made..
  9. Newspaper research: newspaper on order through Inter-library Loan, not yet received; if it doesn’t get here right after Thanksgiving, I will have to identify another newspaper and write the (brief) report on it instead.
  10. Annotated chronology: started, not yet in final draft form.  Got this one further along.  This, for some reason, and maybe it’s my topic, seems harder to do.
  11. Oral history interview: assignment not yet given, not due until the start of 2nd quarter.

So I am in really good shape for the assignments and to get them turned in.  I did not work on my certification specifically.

Happy Hunting!


Things I worked on since the last posting:  I did some on-line looking at the Samford and the Boston University Genealogy courses.  I would really like to see their syllabi.  If anyone has it to share, I would love to see it.  I organized my assignments into a 3 ring notebook; although I won’t hand it in that way it made is simpler to know which documents I had and which ones I needed to work on.  I worked a lot on the Bibliography.  I wrote two articles for the OGSA newsletter (Ostfriesen Genealogical Society of America) and I did the problem description of my distant relative so Helle can give it to her genealogy friend in Denmark and see if he can make any additional headway.


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