How am I doing on the class assignments?

I have been working hard on the assignments

  1. Pedigree chart and family group sheet, fully cited: already handed in
  2. Vital records:  found out this is just to request/acquire a vital record.  Easy.  Used my request for the death certificate for Anna Olina Seim Dahle.
  3. census document with citation: done, have to admit that using a MAC makes it easy to clip and insert into a document.
  4. Critique of two GENWeb sites: done.  Did Hardin County, Iowa and Waseca County, MN.  Did you know that Iowa requires it’s GenWeb people to post something on a reqular basis or they are removed and replaced?
  5. Letter of inquiry: completed; This seemed like such a close request to no. 2.  I used my request for pension records (under the Freedom of Information Act!) for Jens T. Dahle.  Did this right before Thanksgiving.  I hope I get the material before Christmas, but I am not confident.
  6. Identification of a US county history and cited: completed, not submitted
  7. Take home quiz: done.  lots of questions about Soundex.  While I know it is important to know when this is applied and what difference it might make, there were far too many questions about how to apply it.
  8. Bibliography of a variety of sources (15+): completed, not submitted.  This was a fun exercise….citing 15 different types of sources.
  9. Newspaper research: newspaper ordered through Inter-library Loan; PROBLEM!  ILL has informed me that the newspaper I requested is not coming.  I have to find another newspaper and review/write on it instead.  Ouch.  I will do that tomorrow.  Thank goodness for Chronicling America!
  10. Annotated chronology: completed.  The most difficult part was reducing the information to one page (as requested by the instructor)
  11. Oral history interview: assignment not yet given, not due until the start of 2nd quarter.

So I need to do the newspaper review and and run one copy for me of all the parts of the assignments.  Yeah!

Happy Hunting!


What I have done since the last post:  check the cat’s paw where he engaged in a fight with the neighborhood cat last night…..and lost!


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