Announcement: upcoming change of blog address….

I have gotten a letter from the Board for Certification of Genealogists’ lawyer, Michael Ramage, that the Board requests that I change the address of my blog to something that doesn’t get confused with that of the BCG web site.  While I doubt that the 17 followers of this blog are confused about this matter, I am fully aware that the Board cannot let one instance, even eith as small a group as we are, maintain a blog URL of bcgcertification.  While I had no intent to deceive and my selection of that address was random, I can understand their concern.

The time line is this….

between now and Christmas, I will let you know of this impending change and then between Christmas and New Year’s the change will be made.  I am hopeful that I can change the address to but I will see if it has been taken.  (I really doubt it but we shall see.)  I certainly hope that you will resubscribe (probably necessary, but perhaps not).  I will them immediately repost at the new site.

So, this is a heads up in advance of the change.

Happy Hunting!


What I have done since the last post:  completed all assignments for class due on the 15th of December and thought about the letter, its contents, and the approaches I should take for resolution.


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