Do you have any genealogy resolutions?

First of all, I want to thank each of you for subscribing to this blog.  I am not an “expert” at anything but I have an inquiring mind that leans towards the concept of seeing whether information gathered for other uses can be applied to genealogy.  This sometimes leads to exciting discoveries; and sometimes it does not. I believe that blogging is more about the journey than the destination and that’s why my small attempt at becoming certified seems to be a reasonable topic.  Genealogical content is better left to others in less ephemeral locations/media.

My genealogy resolutions unfortunately look more like a “to do” list:

1.  Have a successful OGSA conference in Rockford IL in August….just 8 short months away!  (I am chair.)

2.  Apply and submit for certification (apply in May, do supplied document in June, submit in, say July)

3.  Attend NGS conference in Cincinnati (would love to meet up with any of you if you are going to attend)

4.  Clean out 25% of my genealogy e-mails (of which I have 1000’s)

5.  File/record the 4″ of “stuff” I have never found a home for.  Some people have transfiles full of paper they need to file.  I do not.  But, that 4″ has been there for about 6 years.

6.  Schedule some event with my husband once a month…a play, a concert, an outdoor festival…something.

That’s it.  What do yours look like?

Happy 2012!


What I have done since the last post:  written up the oral history interview narrative and sent to my friend, written up the class assignment (only to find out it isn’t due until the first part of April!), checked out some of the other blogs about genealogy that are out there.  If you haven’t done that you might want to check out geneablogger.


2 comments on “Do you have any genealogy resolutions?

    • jkmorelli says:

      I checked it out! I am exhausted. I so admire folks who give some of their time to this obsession. Thanks to all you do and to all volunteers who make the field of genealogy a “little smoother” for all of us.

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