What now?

I have been pretty busy since my last post.

I have been wrapping up Mary’s project…..printing reports, creating a Table of Contents, arranging the exhibits, putting all the sources together etc.  I will be sending her a box soon.  Later, I will send the class project to her, but probably not for a couple of months.

I have devised an “ad” for my services to find some pro bono clients.  I am going to offer this to a small circle of friends first and then if they do not care to assist me as clients then I will broaden my distribution.  I have a method for doing this which I am confident will gain me the necessary clients.  So I am pretty excited about that.

I have also been working on my class project and, if that wasn’t enough, I was asked by a friend of mine to be Publications Chair of the Seattle Genealogical Society’s quarterly newsletter!  I said “yes.” Must have been a weak moment.  She will be President so it will be fun.

I need to get re-focused on the Kinship Determination Report.  I am not complete with that yet.  When I reviewed it I actually thought I was further along than I was.

I am finding that the “letting go” of the Dahle report as a Client Report is a relief.  I definitely think that I was trying to make it do too many things.

Well, Mary will get her report soon and I am sure she will be happy with that.

Happy Hunting!


What I have done since the last post:  see above + pet the cat.


One comment on “What now?

  1. Speaking for myself and my Dahle family relatives, we are excitedly looking forward to seeing your very hard and diligent work! I’m so glad my dad, in particular, will be able to learn so much about his grandfather!

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