Success! How does it feel to send off the first report?

It feels great!

I have just put into the mail the report to my friend Mary that I have been working on for a few months.  If you remember, I decided that I was trying to make this report do “too many things”.  It was a report for Mary, client report for BCG and also a class assignment.  I decided that it just should be a report for Mary.  My class assignment will be turned in in May (and may be different than what I gave Mary.)  Mary’s report didn’t work as a client report for BCG because it was too complex and frankly, it was too nontraditional.

So, I have recently completed the 2nd client report which came out OK.  I might be able to use it.

The research question was to discover if the family tradition of the existence of a Civil War soldier was true on her maternal/maternal side of the family.  This was how I approached it:

  1. I developed a research plan, just a one pager
  2. pursued the plan with the side of the family in questions
  3. discovered 1 ancestor was in the war, two others are probables and the fourth is unknown but still possible.
  4. put together a letter of findings with some attachments

While it was fun finding the CW ancestor, it was equally fun to sit down with the client and review the findings.  She expressed delight and then she hired me (!) to try to confirm or deny a relationship with Josiah Bartlett, a signer of the Declaration of Independence on her paternal/paternal side of the family.  The contract is in place and I have started working on this problem.  Once again, it is with a time commitment of 10 hours and see how far I get.  I cannot meet with her until April, so I admit it is hard to stop working on the project.

I will talk in a future posting about how to present a professional product to the client.  I have some thoughts (my architectural background helps me here) but I am sure you have ideas that would be interesting to share as well.

Happy Hunting!


What I have done since the last post:  put the letter of agreement together for the next project with the client, boxed up Mary’s project and sent it on (hope you like it Mary!), got another paying client who wants to do a present for her husband and get some previous work done with full citations, and cheered on the Ohio State Buckeyes in the NCAA and the UW Women in the WNIT!


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