So how are the client projects?


I have six client projects:

  1. Mary’s Civil War ancestor project has been completed and sent to her. I included a copy of the PPT presentation I am giving to the Sons of the American Revolution next Saturday.
  2. I have delivered the first of two projects to Rebecca. This one was to confirm (or deny) a family tradition of Civil War ancestors on her maternal side. 
  3. Mary’s second project is just about ready to be mailed to her. I need to make a PDF of the entire project which I will do on Monday. 
  4. The third project is to determine  whether Rebecca’s paternal ancestors are related to a signator of the Declaration of Independence. I have been unable to find the familial linkage but I have found a plausible scenario of why the family might have come to this conclusion. 
  5. Tomorrow I meet with one of the three (and final) pro bono clients. She wants to know more about her Irish ancestors. It will be interesting to see if I can even trace her linkage across the ocean. 
  6. Finally, I have a second “for pay” client. I know very little about this project but she wishes to confirm information on her husband’s side. She thinks this will make a nice birthday present for him and so do I.

I am very energized by these projects. Next blog posting will be about presentation of the project– not the content, but some things that can make the project look more professional.

Happy hunting!


What I have done since the last posting: worked and completed Mary’s second project and attended a conference in San Fransisco that had nothing to do with genealogy.


One comment on “So how are the client projects?

  1. The project you sent to me far surpassed my expectations! It provided me and my family with valuable information about my great-grandfather and the conditions of prisons and hospitals in the Civil War. Thank you!

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