Do you have a portfolio of your projects?

I was presenting a client’s report to her last night and I realized that I really needed some marketing materials.  Here are the ones I think are the minimum:

  • Stationery:  I have standardized my stationery including the font type and point size for the letters and reports
  • Business cards:  I have made these using Avery business cards.  That way I can just print up the number I need.  I included this blog address on the back and the areas of expertise on the front.  These graphically coordinate with my stationery
  • Brochure:  I have the content started but I don’t have it blocked out yet.  Any ideas about inclusions?  Right now I know it will include a short bio of me and a list of possible “uses” of my services.
  • Portfolio:  I had not thought about this until last night.  Do you have a portfolio of your work?  I really wished I could have had one right then.  It resulted in a missed opportunity.  I do not think you should include every page of every product you have ever produced, but rather representative examples of different approaches you have taken to tackle problems.

I am also lucky in that I got a new iPad in March.  I am using it like crazy.  I have the beginning of my portfolio and the client reports on the device, making them very easy to access.  Any other ideas for using the iPad for genealogy?

Any ideas to add to the marketing materials?  Am I missing anything?

I’ll post the marketing materials for a critique when I get them “done”.

Happy Hunting!


What I have done since the last post:  started the third quarter (and last) of the course at UW.  Was thrilled last night when the instructor knew he was going to be a few minutes late to class and he asked me to get the class started.  Presented a client with her analysis of her family tradition (didn’t pan out for her on that tradition!) but she was thrilled to find out that she was related to one of the “First Planters” of New Haven.  I was thrilled because I can get my family back to 1695 and I took hers back (needless to say, through derivative sources) to 1200!  And, I got paid! Have set up meetings with my next paying client and I will deliver the last of my pro bono work to the third client.  Wow!  This is fun.  I’ll summarize what I learned in a future blog.


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