Are you getting excited for the NGS conference?

YES!  In just a few days I will be traveling to Cincinnati to  attend the NGS conference. I got extra excited today when I received my information about the BCG workshop on Tuesday. I fully expect to regularly blog dealing with my experiences. I have volunteered to work to support the event ( don’t know quite yet where and when this will occur but will let yojkmorelli how thatexperience goes.) I also have requested to be named an official conference blogger.

Other activities have been occupying my time….I have been working on my paper for class. My instructor gave me very good comments/criticisms on the draft that I am in the process incorporating now now. This has required me to do additional reading and research.

I have also been working on my client reports. I have two new clients and so I am getting started with those investigations.  I think that both of these will be more comprehensive than my earlier work.

One thing that has been a dawning realization….I will not have applied for BCG certification before the conference. I think that’s OK but I thought it would be good to let you know I remembered this task.

Happy hunting!


What I have done since the last post:  reread the first two chapters of Professional Genealogy; reworked my paper for my class, volunteered to work at the conference; Interviewed my two new clients and obtained the initial information from one.


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