Have your customers done an post work evaluation on your work?

I decided that I needed to do a customer satisfaction survey with my clients after the project was over.

There were two goals in mind:

  1. to learn about how I could have done a better job for them
  2. to determine if there was any additional “market” for genealogy work that I had overlooked.

I did a simple 8 question survey using surveymondkey asking the usual questions about timeliness, cost AND value, where I could do better and where I did OK.

I will let you know what I can share when I get to a point I can compile them.  I do not have too many clients so it’s not like the survey answers carry “significance” in the research use of the term.  This is something I haven’t heard of any genealogist doing.  Have you?

Happy hunting!


Things I have done since the last post:  worked on Stephanie’s project.  It will be interesting what this ends up being.  While there is quite a bit of information out there to gather and a couple of genealogists have been very diligent about posting the information, it will be interesting to see where I can add value and make something special. The amount of informaiton posted by others is staggering…the problem is that it is not cited.  I need to assess the status of the other components of the BCG submission.  I would like to take them with me to the NGS Conference to have with me (I know….people cannot give me a critique on exactly what I am submitting but I would like to look at my submission right after the workshop to see them in a new light with “fresh eyes” rather than wait a week.).  I volunteered to help at the conference…you’ll see me by the exhibit door on Friday morning and at the registration table on Tuesday PM.  I am also planning a research trip to SLC in February and we are starting to get the quesitons about the August conference I am chairing so I worked on those items a bit also.


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