What did I do to prepare for the conference?

A lot!

I am sitting here at the gate waiting to board my flight and was, of course, trying to think of all the things I had forgotten!  So far, nothing important has revealed itself.

So, it has been a busy week.

  • I identified the classes I am likely to want to attend. I also identified alternatives in case there were any that we’re over capacity. 
  • I signed up for the app which allows me to generate my own schedule.  That is terrific!  
  • I signed up to be an official blogger.  That will be a challenge to find time amongst all the events to write, but I am committed to do so. 
  • I printed out the syllabus for the classes I wanted to take. The syllabi are ver interesting. I want to look them all over. I do have a recommendation to the next planning committee: break this document down (perhaps by days).  It is huge. 
  • Exchanged cell phone numbers with a person from my class who is also  so going. 
  • I printed out the reports I have already drafted for the BCG certification. I thought those might be helpfulduring the workshop. 
Well, they are calling my gate for boarding. I look forward to sharing my experienceswith you. 
Happy hunting!

One comment on “What did I do to prepare for the conference?

  1. Looking forward to hearing about your experiences at the conference! Have fun!

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