It started on the plane ride to Cincy!

Well, the fun started on the plane ride to Cincinnati!  I overheard two women talking genealogy in the boarding area.  This was the second leg of my journey…from Denver to Cincy.  When I got on the plane, one of the women was in front of me and I mentioned that she might be going to the conference…..3 hours later, Pat and I had not stopped chatting about genealogy, etc. I found out she was teaching two courses (neither of which was I planning on attending ), she was attending the workshop ( starts tomorrow) and she knew (very well) Birdie Holsclaw a genealogy friend from when we lived in Denver who died recently.

But, she also asked me what I thought about the 35 page paper they sent to us to read prior to the workshop. And, by the way, had I summarized every paragraph and written a single sentence summarizing the entire paper?

Well, no, I hadn’t. Hadn’t even seen the paper!  So, the lesson here is…as much as you prepare, the greater the shock is when you find that you missed something. The reaction may be exponential.

Oh, and did I mention the conference chair was on the plane as well (but I didn’t get a chance to meet her )?

Tomorrow is the workshop; should be interesting.

Happy hunting.


What I have done since the last post: completed the assignment (whew!); drove to Columbus, Ohio and visited friends and walked around OSU where I used to work; had a “reunion” with my co-workers.


2 comments on “It started on the plane ride to Cincy!

  1. J. Paul Hawthorne says:

    I just started following your blog. Maybe I’ll see you there. I’m coming from San Diego.

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