Workshop am: editing genealogical writing

Tom Jones, lecturer
extraordinaire, and me!

      The morning workshop, taught by
Tom Jones, was very interesting. While I am not enthusiastically
desiring to write for the Quarterly, Tom did
make it seem like it was an achievable goal. I got a very nice
handout with four references I thought I would pass on:

  • Curren et al,
    Numbering Your
  • Ross-Larson, Edit
  • Strunk, the Elements of
  • Zinsser, On Writing
have given enough info for an amazon search. It was not my intent
to write these as citations.)
Tom lectured about the parts of the
sentence and some basic principles of article writing. (Mary, Mr
Swisher would have been proud of me!). It was a great “quick
course” in writing. It would have made a good class session for my
UW class.
Another take-away was the concept of continual polishing
of an article. It is necessary to edit for the reader’s benefit and
not the author’s.
Happy hunting.

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