Workshop pm +

Our instructor for the afternoon session was Melinde Lutz Byrne. I took this picture the last day but asked her to place her hands in the position that she had them when she showed us the fossil which served as a metaphor for the scariness of writing! Thanks, Melinde!
















This afternoon was the second half of class workshop and while still valuable, it did not seem as content rich as the morning session.  We had done homework before the class which took me about three to four hours to do. Unfortunately, the amount of time we spent on it in class was not commensurate with the amount of work to do the assignment. I did get some great tips about writing that will be very helpful, including what the sought after articles are for  the NGS Quarterly.  (I don’t have the list with me but will post them tomorrow.)

I volunteered at the registration desk for two hours after the Workshop. I was assigned the section with the H-L  It was a good time to volunteer: it didn’t interfere with any sessions I wanted to attend and we weren’t frantically busy–that will be tomorrow am.

A shout out to Michael Hait!  Guess who registered while I was there?  Michael. I was skeptical if I would meet him since I wasn’t taking his class.  He registered while I was at the counter.  Sorry I am going to miss your session, Michael. I have heard you are a good speaker/teacher.

Tomorrow is the plenary at 8:00 am. It’s on the Cincinnati Panorama.

Here’s the link:

Happy Hunting!


What I have done since the last post: attended the workshop, volunteered at the registration desk, met the conference chair (who looks remarkedly calm!), lost and found my phone and am now sitting in a bar, having a drink and dinner. Next? GRAETER’S!  Guess what kind of ice cream I am having? (I only ever get one of two types and Peach is not in season)


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  1. Dang! Can’t remember your other Graeter’s ice cream choice…refresh please?

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