Bloggers Night Out!

The genealogy bloggers met tonight at a bar in a nearby hotel. Thanks, Amanda for organizing  it (via Twitter)!  It was great fun. The community is more varied than you might think.  I met a person who blogs about the Family Jones, another about Hamilton Genealogy Society and yet another blogs about her books on the engagement of grade school and high school students in family history. We had about 10 there at sometime during the night.

Two of the afternoon sessions I attended were the topics of discussion.  Some questioned the conservatism of ESM’s session on copyright and plagiarism.  Some thought she was overly conservative and that bloggers might as well quit if we were to try to live to the standards she espoused.  I didn’t go that far, but she certainly was conservative and perhaps unnecessarily so.

Barbara Vines Little, who rode down the elevator with me as we went Our respective ways for the evening, was the instructor in the last session of the day on proof arguments.  The bloggers thought her presentation did not cover the topic particularly well and left a couple of key concepts to be assumed by the crowd.

Happy Hunting!


Things I have done since the last post: took a walk around the Exhibit areas (I’ll report more on that later.), went to Walgreens and pick up some diet coke (it’s $3.85 in the convention hall), found out that the Zaha Hadid (architect) Art Gallery is very close, learned about the ProGen study Group (I have to look into this).

Blogger’s Night Out!
about 15 showed up; that’s Amanda on the right.


4 comments on “Bloggers Night Out!

  1. hh219 says:

    Jill — I’m enjoying your conference posts, although our paths have not actually crossed yet! One thought — I’m always happy to see critiques, ’cause I don’t think either genealogists or bloggers do enough. But when you critique, please give us the specifics. What did ESM forbid that you approve of? What questions exactly did you wish Barbara had covered? Specifics help keep the discussion focused on issues, not personalities. Thanks!


    • jkmorelli says:

      Harold, I hope our paths do cross tomorrow. Karen has spoken highly of you and I appreciate your wading in on this. You are right, I wasn’t very specific. My observation is that ESM took a very conservative approach and did not explain the nuances of a complex and dynamic topic. I did not include any specific examples in my notes and I cannot recollect any. I do understand that one hour does not give anyone the time to deal with the nuances of this issue. While others probably thought her use of graphics entertaining, i found her presentation so loaded with clip art that it tended to be distracting rather than offering a light “punch” at critical points. Just my personal thoughts. What did you think?

  2. Angela says:

    I missed Elizabeth’s presentation at the conference, but I bought the CD and listened to it as I drove home today. I thought her explanations of copyright and plagiarism were detailed and appropriate. I am not sure why you think that it would negatively affect bloggers if you are sharing your own ideas and opinions. If you use material written by someone else you just need to use quotation marks and give attribution. If you show proper respect to the work of others, they will do the same to you.

    • jkmorelli says:

      Angela, thanks so much for checking the presentation on your own. What is right for me cannot be always true for you. Hope you had as great a conference experience as I did and your journey back was safe. Perhaps we will meet in Las Vegas if not sooner. (I am envious of those who could drive to the conference. I was in transit all day on Sunday to Seattle )
      Happy hunting!

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