Opening Plenary and morning sessions….

This only LOOKS like Dick Eastman taking a picture of the German oompa band that concluded the plenary session!











Attended a very interesting plenary on the investigation of the Cincinnati Panorama, a photograph of Cincy taken in 1848. The librarian who managed the restoration discussed the depth of genealogy that was embedded in the photo. Because there were so many businesses noted in the photgraph and because there was so many immigrants living on the edge of the river, by using the city directory you can see exactly what they looked at. At one residence there was laundry hanging in the window. They are very confident that they know whose shorts are on the line!  Other explorations include the history of liquor in the area and the mercantile owners on the river. Take a look at the photo ( actually a Duarregraph (I’ll have to correct the spelling later)) at the site I posted last night or go to the public library website and find the interactIve online version.

I also attended a very good presentation on transcriptions and abstaction and extractions taught by the President of the Board of the BCG. He didn’t flinch when I introduced myself.

I attended the APG Luncheon about the expectations of the 21st century genealogists.  Some of the facts shared included that there were 1.87m hits on the NARA site the first day of the issuance of the 1940 census.  There are over 100k of folks indexing and at the pace they are going, they will have it completed by late July. Cool!

Happy Hunting!



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