NGS: Thursday am +

Had a good morning!

Attended the first hour of the BCG Certification panel discussion. Didn’t learn too much new but  the price is going to go up on January 1 and so it will be good to “get on the clock” by then. Also found out that between 40% and 53% usually pass.  This past year they had 30 applicants of which 43% passed.

I then went to a very crowded session on German records once you have the village name. This information would have made my second report for Mary much richer. But, I am glad I have the information now. The session after that was equally crowded and was on German records on the Internet. I got a lot of interesting sites that would be good to pass on to the OGSA membership.

Lunch was interesting!  I wanted to talk with Michael Hait, a regular commenter on this blog, and so I sat At his table  Little did I know that there would be a number of BCG officials there as well. We had a terrific conversation about blogs, what they are and aren’t and how much control you have over the content of comments.

The luncheon speaker was a woman reenactor (who also is the editor of the NGS Magazine) who assumed the personality of a woman pioneer about 1862 in mourning. She talked a lot about “deep mourning,” “partial mourning” and “quarter mourning” and the social customs of each. Very interesting!

I haven’t seen Janice yet.

Happy hunting!



2 comments on “NGS: Thursday am +

  1. Would you be interested in doing a bit more work now that you know what you know about German villages?

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