The community of genealogists….

One of the most satisfying parts about genealogy is the community of genealogists. There are all kinds….from the beginner just starting to work on their family, the serious avocation-er, to the rock stars. (yes, we do have rock stars).  There is room for everyone.

Last night, after my walk down to the river and the park, I decided to have dinner BEFORE I went to Graeter’s (I almost decided to have dessert first but decided I would enjoy it more if it came after the meal!).  I sat down and Karen from Chicago sat down next to me, I invited her to join me and three hours later……

We discovered we had many things in common including having one daughter, going for certification but not yet “on the clock”, and trying hard to be good to great researchers. She is taking the ProGen Study course which I had vaguely heard of but didn’t know the particulars.  It was great fun hearing her talk about her research on the mob of Chicago which was characterized by lots of lands deals and swaps, changing of names without legal documentation! Etc. Fun!

Of course, we walked down to the music and Graeter’s.

Thanks, Karen, for a delightful evening.

Happy Hunting!


What I have done since the last post: I finally made it back to the exhibit hall.  I wanted to check in with Family Tree DNA for a quick consult. My husband’s mother was born out of wedlock (isn’t there a better term for that or illegitimate?) but I think I know the father. The consultant confirmed that I was on the right track with an autosomal test of a descendant of the two candidates.  Now, “all” I have to do is find a descendant of the two gentlemen who is also willing to be tested. I do not think that will be easy.

Our Thursday lunch: Table of Notables!
in the group were (back row, left to right) Michael Rumage (BCG lawyer), Michael Hait (blogger and cg), Trisha (from Seattle), Nikki (BCG Executive Dtr.), ??, ??. Front row: Willis White (excellent lecturer on creative non-fiction) and ??. All very friendly people.


2 comments on “The community of genealogists….

  1. Jill,

    It was great meeting you last week.

    You might want to consider joining the ProGen Study Group. I myself am an alumni of ProGen 5. Each group has a Certified Genealogist (always also an experienced professional genealogist) as a mentor. J. Mark Lowe was our group’s mentor, and the two of us now have a great working relationship. I will be teaching in Mark’s “Research in the Southern States” course at IGHR next month.

    You can find out more at


    • jkmorelli says:

      Checked it out last night and talked to several at the conference who were either in the course or had taken the course. The reviews were generally positive but not uniformly so. It certainly is do-able. I will let you know when I sign up.

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