The Exhibit Hall…

Exhibits are getting set up!










I usually have this negativity about Exhibit Halls at conferences. I feel continually pressured to buy, connect or otherwise be part of their network while I really don’t want them to be a part of mine. That is not the case for this Exhibit Hall nor the exhibitors here at the conference.

I find the exhibitors here low key, relaxed and more about helping me find out if their service would be of help to me than JUST making a sale.

For example, I stopped at the Family Tree DNA booth last night. My husband’s mother was born illegitamate but I think I know the father. I have two candidates, one a stronger possibility that another. I introduced myself, told them I had already used FT DNA, and asked for a consult. Less than ten minutes later I had a plan for how to proceed and the name of the proper test from FTDNA. Now ALL I have to do is find a descendant of the two likely young men and ask them to take the test (luckily it can be a woman or a man) and have them agree. I think the first two steps will be the easy part. I think finding anyone willing to agree will be part hard part.

I attended two great sessions this morning on the online materials in the LOC and another on historic newspapers.  There was a nice checklist at the end of the newspaper session os sites to make sure you didn’t miss any possible online locations.

I also attended a session on probate records where the speaker posted his presentation in Dropbox and, funny thing, it wasn’t there when he went to get it. Another great lesson in making sure you have presentation redundancy.

Exhibits being torn down…gee, looks the same!










Happy Hunting!


What I have done since the last post: had lunch with Janice. We talked about how to most effectively share the experiences of being at NGS with our class.


One comment on “The Exhibit Hall…

  1. Your excitement about this conference is palpable and interesting EVEN for a mere quilting junkie! Enjoy!
    (Please describe your meals, if possible? It’s a vicarious pleasure!)

    Your Lovely Research Assistant…sometimes!

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