How have I been incorporating what I learned from NGS?

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It’s been an interesting week!  This blog is more about “cleaning up” some miscellaneous activities.

I found I was on genealogy overload (which doesn’t happen often).  I had to step back a bit and catch up on my NCIS and Bones and, of course, WDYTYA and Finding your Roots.  I was also pretty sleep deprived because I do not sleep well before a flight, so I took it slow.

I did work on my paper for class a bit and found myself changing my passive voice sentences to active voice!  Not all of them changed but I felt like the paper was better for it.  Thanks, Tom!  I really need to get after the paper and finish it up as I will be gone the last week’s class when they are to be turned in.

I attended the Seattle Genealogical Society Spring Seminar and met some great people and renewed some friendships.  George Morgan came to talk to the group of about 100 genealogists of a variety of skill level.  I didn’t learn much but I bought some books on sale and it was a beautiful day to be by the “Cut”.  A couple of my classmates were there, so that was fun as well.

I have spent the day working on Theresa’s father’s side of the family so she can obtain Irish citizenship.  Finally got to a point wehre I could order the birth certificate of her grandfather, Daniel, from Ireland and placed that order.  Also, have narrowed down the choices for the county of marriage to two so hopefully, I will get that narrowed down as well and get that order placed.  Then it is up to her.

The instructors for the class asked the two class attendees of the NGS Conference to talk about it.  I suspect there will be 3 or 4 former members of the class at Las Vegas a year from now.

I am liking my new filing system so far (one folder for every contract and the result) plus one folder which serves as a working file of the miscellaneous information for contract that is presently active.  I asked several genealogist how they filed and got all sorts of answers.  For now this is working for me.  The completed files are color coded red; the working file is purple.

I made contact with two friends this past week and they suggested I donate some time to both of their private schools auction.  What a great idea!  I leaped on that in a heartbeat.  Great exposure, great crowd and one winner.

This next week will be about the paper and I have about five things I need to do about the conference in August, including updating the draft program and getting a quote on the busses.

Happy Hunting!



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