So what “stuck”?

Ever gone to a conference, been energized by it, but when asked to describe your favorite parts, you were unable to remember on session you attended?  For me the conferences which score the worst for that “lack of retention” tend to be professional motivational type presentations.

That was not the case for the NGS conference.

The sessions I attended tended to fall into three categories:

  1. BCG Skill building
  2. Specific tools
  3. Ethnic research

BCG skillbuilding:  one of the strongest was the editing portion of the Tuesday workshop taught by Tom Jones.  For the first time I feel I can spot a passive sentence!  I still struggle to make them active but at least now I identify one.  Dr. Jones also noted that much of what we genealogists write is in the passive voice, e.g. Jens was born etc.  Another strong presentation was the session on transcriptions & abstractions.  I definitely need to go back to my BCG transcribed document and see how I did.  I also attended a terrific session on writing creative non-fiction. I learned a lot of  vocabulary to describe we are doing in the UW class.

You probably see a trend here:  I am trying to learn to write more clearly.

Specific tools:  not as many “stuck” in this category but i did find the historic newspaper session very helpful. I had been confused about all the websites which have historic newspapers.  The instructor provided a helpful checklist for all the sites.  You have to check all the sites because different sites are digitizing different types of newspapers.  No wonder I was confused.

Ethnic Research:  I attended some very informative session about the Germans and Irish on the net.  both have been very helpful so far.

So even three weeks after the conference, I am applying what I learned, confirming my intial thoughts that it was a very useful conference for me to attend.

Happy Hunting!


What I have done since the last post:  worked on my class paper (took it to the printer only to retract it due to a shifting in the page numbers, sent for the Doherty/Coyne marriage certificate in Butte MT and received the Irish birth certificate of Daniel Doherty.


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