Is it time for an assessment?

Yes!  With all I have learned at the conference, I want to reassess the situation with all my needed content items for the BCG portfolio.

A. Code of Ethics.  I feel very confident about this.  Attended a session on plagiarism and then read the latest article in The NGS Magazine.  Very helpful is splitting the line between plagiarism and copyright.  Interesting in that I have been spotting some unethical practices in genealogy, not by intent.

B. Background resume:  I need to review what I have written so far and update it.

C. Document work, BCG supplied:  Can’t do much about this one specifically

D. Document Work, applicant supplied:  I like the document I have selected (land indenture).  Since I took the transcription, abstraction, extraction class at NGS, I want to look again at what I have done and see if there are some hints I can apply to the document to spruce it up.  I also want to rewrite the research plan; my recollection is that it very weak.  I was helped alot by reviewing the successful portfolios at the BCG booth at the conference.

E. Research Report for Client:  doing well here.  Don’t know if I have one that I particularly like.  I have just finished up working on a report for a friend on her Irish maternal side.  Ireland is a fascinating country in which to do research.  I really enjoyed doing that.  I feel sorry for the folks who came over early!  🙂

F. Case Study: conflicting information:  I worked very hard on this one only to have my fears substantiated… is not an indirect proof.  So I will have to start over with this one.  Ouch.  Good experience though.

G. Kinship Determination:  I also worked very hard on this one.  It’s still a keeper but I will re-review to spruce up.  I also have some additional information.

So that’s where I am after about 11 months of work.  Not too bad for where I started.

Happy hunting!


What I have done since my last post:  had my class paper bound and turned in (I will miss the last class which is this Thursday.); also sent it to to publish (woo hoo!).  decided with at least one other classmate to take the BU course in January.  There may be three of us.  I am looking forward to that.  Finished up my friend’s Irish maternal line and will scan and send to her today.  Finished up, as best I can, my friend’s Irish citizenship project, until the final document comes in.  Reviewed my other client’s report and want to make it a little stronger before I talk to her.  And, finally, started as Director of Publications for the Seattle Genealogical Society.  They are a great group.


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