Are you taking care of the living?

This weekend I didn’t even think about genealogy!  Hard to believe, actually.  I spent five days on Cape Cod with my hubby and daughter. So much fun.  We vegged on the beach, went for a bike ride of 25 miles and 12 miles, shopped, and read books. Great fun!  Of course we had really good seafood as well.

I do admit that when we traversed past a cemetery I looked longingly at it, hoping someone would want to stop and take a little walk. I love doing that even if I do not have ancestors in the cemetery.  I think it’s great fun, a “fun” that is, unfortunately, not share by my family.   I also dropped in on the New England Genealogical Society on Newberry in Boston just prior to leaving for the Cape.

Therefore, no work on the certification or with the clients.

So, Susan, you are next.  And, Mary, we need to talk.  Finished up Theresa’s project in County Galway and need to review that with her.

Three of us, and maybe four, from the class have decided to take the BU course next January. I think it will be fun taking it with others in the Seattle area.

I am now in the airport waiting to board and go back to Seattle. There will be no postings for a couple of days while I recover.

Make sure you take care of the living!  Happy hunting!


What have I done since the last posting?  I finished up the County Galway project. I certainly feel like I have mastered the beginning skill level for Irish genealogy; Completed the class project, and traveled to Massachusetts.


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