Why are Client Reports so fascinating?

I am struck by the variety of questions that genealogists can answer.  I have been following Michael’s advice about obtaining a “library” of client reports from which to pick the best for the purposes of the certification.  It is obvious that some seem to flow better than others and that I am getting better, and more efficient about writing the report of findings.  

So far, my limited number of clients have asked for:

  • help in obtaining Irish citizenship (if your grandfather was born in Ireland and you can prove your lineage, you can obtain an Irish passport)
  • proving (or not) two family traditions…one about the civil war participants (yes) and the second about a relationship to a signer of the Declaration of Independance (doubtful)
  • developing a birthday present that focuses on a grandchild but includes stories by the grandfather and the lineage
  • Identfying the villages of origin of two Irish families (success)
  • finding the place of death of a great grandmother (no success; shoot, I couldn’t even find her immigration record much less evidence of her existence in the US, although it is known she immigrated and died here.)
  • a generic request of “find out more information about my family”

So the requests range from very specific to general.  I admit I like the goal focused requests better than the wide open requests.  Sometimes I think I am offereing up no more information than they already had…it’s just documented better.  It’s been great so far.  I hope I can continue the momentum i have with my clients.

Invariablely, the payoff is not the check but rather the stories they tell me after they have reviewed the information with their family members.  That is the best part.

(note: hubby today asked me if I was keeping track of the checks…I thought that was a good sign of him seeing this as a serious business.  I told him I have a contract with each, an invoice and I acknowledge each payment on the invoice.  Caught him by surprise.)

Happy Hunting!


What I have done since the last post:  met with the client on the gift project.  She responded with what she would like to do; I wrote up a Phase II contract, started the work on the Swedish family.  I am very familiar with Swedish records so I am moving that one along pretty rapidly.  I will have that one done this weekend and will get it written up.  


2 comments on “Why are Client Reports so fascinating?

  1. Jan Dean says:

    Jill, I enjoy your blog even though I have no desire to become a CG. I thought of a webinar I watched the other day when you mentioned the great grandmother you couldn’t find. The webinar, “Putting Flesh on the Bones”, can be found at http://www.LegacyFamilyTree.com/webinars.asp and will be free for a few more days.
    Jan Dean

    • jkmorelli says:

      I do love the Legacy webinars even tho’ I am not a Legacy user. Thanks for the tip on that one. It was a great story. Someone else would have stopped much earlier and not gotten the depth of the story. There are often clues about which ancestors have a hidden story that needs to be revealed. I might blog about that later. Thanks again.

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