Are you on the “should I/should I not” roller coaster?

Lately I have wondered why I am procrastinating about “going on the clock”  and signing up to apply for BCG Certification.  The last few months I have actually thought seriously about not getting certified for a number of reasons, one of which is that I am having too much fun working for the clients I have right now.   This past week I was in Chicago and I spent part of a day with a new genealogy buddy who urged me to apply.   We discussed reasons to apply and reasons that did not support applying. So, I admit I am still waffling but it might be because I am so busy planning the genealogy conference in Illinois in 2.5 weeks.

As I write this I find myself becoming more committed to applying.

The document I am most concerned about is the Case Study. I spent a lot of time on this document a year ago but now find that it does not qualify as a conclusion based on indirect evidence but rather is a proof argument.  So I have to identify another example and write something that complies with the requirements. ( I wonder how many people miss on this issue. I can’t be alone in misinterpreting what they were looking for.) Luckily, I have found another example that might work: a problem raised by Theresa’s Irish project where there are too many Mary Coynes immigrating.

The other piece that will take some time to shape up is the kinship determination project. There is a requirement for two embedded arguments. I did not do that. So, I will have to give that some thought as well.

So, I am going to put that aside and go order pretzels for 150 people. Who knew that Freeport IL was the Pretzel capital?

Let me know if this is a thought process that you struggle/struggled with.  I would be interested in knowing.

Happy Hunting!


What I have done since my last post: went to the Newberry Library with my friend and also the Chicago Historical Research Center.  Had a great time researching my own family! Finished up the report for Susan and had a chat with her about it. Both she and Stephanie want books to be published so they can share it with their families. I am now challenged to see if i can do a book in a minimal amount of time and still produce a quality product. The good news is that i have done two of my own and as a consequence i am a lot quicker than i was.  I also worked on Mary’s problem.


3 comments on “Are you on the “should I/should I not” roller coaster?

  1. Jill — Check the application guide. Requirement six requires a proof argument in which there is *either* conflicting direct evidence *or* only indirect evidence. So indirect evidence is not necessary. (My case study was based on conflicting direct evidence.) Requirement seven does involve two proof arguments, but there do not have to be any particular conflicts involved, it’s just about showing that you understand what a proof argument is. Hope this helps, glad you’re enjoying the research! — Harold

  2. Eileen Souza says:

    Jill, thank you for your lovely comment on my new blog. I need all the support I can get. I have enjoyed browsing some of your blog articles. For my own very solid reasons, I am choosing not to get certified but I strongly recommend it for anyone with their career in genealogy ahead of them. Go for it!

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