What have I been doing?

What I haven’t been doing is thinking about certification!

I have been working almost every non-gainful employment hour on the genealogy conference in Illinois:

  • finalizing the program
  • getting the speaker bios/pics together
  • working on the tours
  • organizing a picnic
  • planning the fun things at the banquet
  • writing the script for the four days (if you ever plan a conference make sure you do one of these!)
  • and building a mobile app for our schedule (got the idea at the NGS conference.  See below for how to access)

Whew!  No wonder.  And this does not describe the “minutia”….building two presentations: “1719 & 1757 tax assessments in Ostfriesland” and “Ostfriesen Genealogy: an Overview.” Both of these I am doing with another person.  Also buying pretzels (who knew that Freeport IL was the pretzel capital of the world!….well, maybe not the world.)  Also, I have been copying handouts for the presentations and finally being nervous that we won’t have enough people and we will lose money!

So, no, I haven’t been thinking about certification.  But, I plan on going on the clock right after the conference.  Really!  Stay tuned!

Oh, did I mention that I am also planning to take a small group on a “study abroad” to Salt Lake City in February.  This will be a combination of coaching, genealogy research and fun.
Oh, did I mention that I am leaving for the conference a few days early so I can do some research on my maternal side in the county where two of my ancestors landed in the 1850’s before moving on to Iowa in the 1870’s.  There is a singular lack of vital records that I can tap into but I am hoping that land records will be of interest.

Happy hunting!  You may not hear from me for two weeks; then again, you might.


What I have done since the last posting:  here is the app:  http://guidebook.com/g/OGSA2012


2 comments on “What have I been doing?

  1. I am sure the conference will be terrific!
    Pretzels? Really!
    Have a great time hunting!

    • jkmorelli says:

      Not to mention that Rockford is the home of the Sock Monkey! We have several of these for door prizes. Who knew that you could get sock monkey key chains.

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