Need your help….

I love the colors and the crisp simplicity of the graphic theme of this blog; however, I find the fixed width  of the main column limiting.  I was wondering if you have any thoughts about whether you would rather have the width of the main column be wider or at least flexible for your computer monitor.

Let me know if you think it would be worth it to change the theme to get more content horizontally, rather than piling it on vertically.  thanks.



7 comments on “Need your help….

  1. Yeah, these days with bigger monitors, I suspect most folks would prefer wider. I doubt there are lots of people reading on phones just yet!

    • jkmorelli says:

      Judy and Jenny, I will look around for the theme and see if I can find one I like with a wider format. Tall and skinny just doesn’t do it so well for heavy narrative content. thanks!

  2. jennylanctot says:


    I’m not sure about everyone else, but most of my blog-reading is done via Google Reader, so the layout of the blog doesn’t really matter, unless I need to comment.

    That being said, my personal preference is a wider main column. I say that if you have the space, use it.

    Incidentally, you might also want to make the font larger on the comments – Judy’s comment up there is so tiny I could hardly read it.

  3. debsresearch says:


    I too like the wider columns.

    Prepare yourself for the vast number of themes that are available. I was shocked at how many there are. You may want to pick an afternoon where you don’t have anything else to do before you start looking through them all. 😉

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