How much fun am I having on the cruise?

A lot!

Just heard Craig Scott talk about Civil War medical records. (Mary, there are a lot more records about Jens then the few I gathered.). It was very interesting. I also had a one-on-one with him and asked about CW prisoner of war records.

Tomorrow I will have my one-on-one with Tom Jones who is on his first cruise ever and saw whales up close and personal yesterday. I hope we have as much great luck today seeing whales.

It’s been a good series of presentations so far.

Happy hunting!
From Juneau


What I have done since the last post: prepped for my one-on-ones. I have learned quite a bit about research plans and will share more later.



3 comments on “How much fun am I having on the cruise?

  1. Mary says:

    Oh wow! Fabulous picture! Anxious to hear more about Jens.

  2. Karen Stanbary says:

    Told you Craig was the guru of military records….who knew one could find the bed number an ancestor occupied in a Civil War hospital….

    • jkmorelli says:

      Or the record of their temperature! I asked him about women in the Civil War as I am giving a talk in a couple of weeks on women’s roles during the CW. Pretty fascinating stuff. …..soldiers, spies, nurses, oh, my!

      One soldier was not discovered to be a woman……until she gave birth! What is interesting is that everyone wrote home about it but NOT ONE PERSON mentioned his/her name or unit.

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