How busy can a person be?

Very! In September I accepted the responsibility of Publications Director for the Seattle Genealogical Society and was immediately hit with the need to have two publications out before Thanksgiving! One of these publications was to be 60+ pages long! Ouch. Of course, I had no experience in publishing or mailing of this type of a document. So far I have most of the content taken care of (layout is easy for me) but have to get my head around the printing process. One step at a time.

It appears also that SGS does not have submission/writing guidelines. I have drafted some for the consideration of the Board based on NGS. They have given comments on the first draft. My goal is to improve the quality of the submissions. The Board is supportive which really helps.

Today, I gave an hour long presentation to the SAR on medical advances during the Civil War. They were a great audience and will probably ask me back. I love teaching others about what I have learned in my “genealogy travels”. A couple of weeks ago I presented to the DAR on the changing roles of women before, during and after the Civil War and in another week I will talk to a Newcomers group about how to start doing genealogy. These are all fun but take preparation time.

I contributed to two auctions at local private school (10 hours of genealogy time) in an effort to increase my client base.

What I haven’t done and need to get after is Mary and Susan’s work. Stephanie asked me for a little more time and I need to do that as well.

So, one of the items I am dealing with is a good balance. Oh, and did I mention…I still have a day job. I haven’t yet heard from ProGen. I know they started a class in mid October. They mentioned that they would probably start another class after the first of the year. Janice, a fellow genealogist from Seattle, has also put her name on the list. It would be fun to go through the series with her.

So, I apologize for not posting more and will recommit to doing so.

Happy Hunting!


Things I have done since the last post: mostly worked on the publications prepped for the three presentations and attended four lectures “Pivotal Tuesdays,” a lecture series at UW on four elections that were threshold elections (1912, 1932, 1968 and 1992).


One comment on “How busy can a person be?

  1. Great to know who the PD is for the SGS. Used to live in the area, and one branch of my tree were in King & Pierce County for a couple generations. Do you just take Seattle stories, or King County in general? Also, please pass on the writer’s guidelines when you get time. 🙂 Thanks for the update! ~ Jen

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