What have you done for your society lately?

Note:  Blog was written Saturday and posted Sunday, 25 November.

Right now I am an “over achiever” on this question.  I am literally writing this while the SGS Bulletin is printing.  Yes, they print their own rather then send to a printer to save money; a not uncommon situation as societies become more strapped for cash. So, I am camped out at the SGS library with two other volunteers (Tereece and Nancy) to apply labels, sort and bundle for non-profit standard mailing.

In-between loading paper and fixing the very finicky auto stapler, I have started to seriously browse the SGS library collection.

Items of interest today include:
Carmack, Sharon DeBartolo. Carmack’s Guide to Copyright & Contracts. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company, 2009.
This caught my eye because the SGS Librarian and I are to present to the Board revised guidelines on this topic for the writing of the SGS Bulletin newsletter and for copying materials in the library to the Board.

Parker, J. Carlyle. Going to Salt Lake City to do Family History Research. Third edition. Turlock California: Marietta Publishing Company, 1996.
I am planning a trip to SLC with some friends in February and thought there would be some tips we could use. There weren’t.

Union Atlas Company, Atlas of the State of Illinois to which are added various general maps and Illustrations. 1876. Reprint, Knightstown, Indiana: Mayhill Publications, 1972.
The information contained within the atlas was from 1872 and showed where all the country schools were located at that time. It was fun to think about which school my ancestor would have attended. There was one less than a mile away from their farm.

Looked at a number of representative magazines and thought about the demise of so many of them.

Because of the settlement of Washington and Seattle, the library has an extensive Norwegian collection.  I wondered why I didn’t spend more time here while I was doing my class paper!  I will look more carefully at the collection when I work on the Swedish and Danish side of my family.  I figure I will have time; it takes 2 full days to print the newsletter and the SGS Bulletin and there are only so many blogs I can write!

So, I would suggest that at a minimum you should  1.) join a local Society and 2.) join at least one society of interest to you genealogically, even if you cannot volunteer. I recommend you attend their classes (or even teach one!) and volunteer is some way.

Some of you may be watching the thread on raising standards of genealogy/genealogists on the rootsweb list serve, The Transitional Genealogist.  Writing an article to high standards would be a way to raise the standards “one genealogist at a time”.  Soooooo…..If you would like to try your hand at writing and being published, I am accepting articles for the summer SGS Bulletin.  I am a gentle editor, so do not be hesitant to submit something that you think is “publishable”.  We accept articles concerning any area of the country but give preference to those focused on the Northwest, Alaska and Hawaii, of course.  We have not had many that illustrate a methodology that can be applied to other problems; so I encourage those types of articles. All, however, are considered. Articles can be from 500 to 5000 words.  Let me know if you are interested; we can discuss topics if you would like.

Happy Hunting!


What I have done since the last posting: worked on an article for the summer Bulletin which is not suitable for certification; changed all citations in that article to Evidence Explained format; had my friend Karen re-review it (she is a terrific mentor/critic). Today, I will finish the printing of the newsletter and SGS Bulletin. Hopefully they will mailed next week. Amazingly, right on my schedule I developed three months ago.


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