What is ProGen and why have I joined?

ProGen is an 18 month program, which gives a group of 8 to 9 serious genealogists assignments, support and guidance based on Elizabeth Shown Mill’s book, Professional Genealogist.  Each group is shepherded through the process with the help of a mentor and an administrator.  The groups are to be collaborative and collegial.  I have just been accepted into the Class 19; Craig Scott is the mentor for our group.

We receive an assignment per month; have a discussion with the mentor; do the assignment; review other’s work; and then start the cycle again.  the monthly topics have been posted but not the specific writing assignment. The January assignment will be on ethics and copyright/plagiarism.  I plan on doing a post amonth based on the class.

We have a class of nine with most from the east coast, a couple from the Midwest and a couple from the Northwest. A surprising representation from our area, it seems to me.

I joined for a number of reasons:

  • my friend Karen recommended it to me over the Boston University course
  • it costs significantly less
  • it is set up to be an online course
  • my friend Janice also signed (but is in a different section)
  • it will only be as good as the individual makes it.  It is the usual priciple of what you put into it has a direct correlation to what you will get out of it.

I am excited about it.  Karen implied that it has made a big difference in the quality of her work.

I hope you had a terrific holiday as did I.

Happy hunting!


What I have done since the last post: holiday shopping, baking and other domestic items filled my days.  I did relax since publishing the Bulletin and the Newsletter for the Seattle Genealogical Society.  I have been working on the article that my friend Karen reviewed.  I think it is getting into pretty good shape.  A couple of tapes have shown up at the Stake library that I need to read.  I did some planning for the trip to SLC in February (setting up the phone calls, doing the lesson plans for the participants, etc.). I read two books that I will review in the next post.


2 comments on “What is ProGen and why have I joined?

  1. You’ll love it! It’s definitely hard work, but the education you’ll receive and the friendships you’ll develop are worth it. I’m in ProGen 15 and love it!

    ~ Stephanie

    • jkmorelli says:

      I expect it to be a lot of work as I want to get the maximum out of it. I have heard, however, that some participants in the study groups do not go at it as diligently. Was that your experience?

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