What is in your library? And, what is missing?

I am making an assessment of my genealogical holdings.  I am surprised as how many publications, in this day of google books etc, i have on my shelves.  And, I admit, I am glad I do!

I have:

  • 38 reference books: these are books of background for my various ethnic groups, e.g. Ostfriesen, Swedish, or are church anniversary books, The Handybook, How to books.
  • 12 books related to specific families: the two books I wrote, “Dear Ones” (Heikens), Siemens, Groenveld, Wientjes
  • 8 narrative books: narrative non-fiction, e.g. The Children’s Blizzard, We Will Go to a New Land
  • 2 census books (German): Kopfschatzung 1757 and Kopf-Schatzung 1719.
  • 14 Ortsippenbüchen (OSB) or Familienbücken (compilation of BMDB in parish by family): e.g. Loquard, Uphusen, Wybelsum etc.
  • 3 others: 3 books that just do not fit in the groups above.

I also subscribe to Ostfriesen Genealogical Society of America (OGSA) newsletter (4 times a year) since 2003, NGS Quarterly (2x per year) since 2011, NGS Magazine (4x per year) since 2011. APG Quarterly since 2012 and Southern California Genealogical Society (SCGS) Quarterly since 2012.

The assessment was pretty easy to do as I have for years had an app on my phone called Booklist.  I first bought it to keep track of the fiction books I was reading, but in the end the app wasn’t what I wanted and was better for a static list, like a library.  So I stopped using is as a book “journal” and instead made it be my library list.  This has worked great because I don’t buy books, especially OSBs that I already own! Aand they are very price-y!  I do not think that it is a great app and I am sure there are better ones out there. (Now I have to figure out how to download the list of the books off the app for ProGen!)

But, what am I missing or what did I wish I had more of?

I have very few context books/materials on Sweden and Denmark.  These would be of the type that provide the window into the life of my ancestors when they lived in Sweden and Denmark.  I also would like to expand my holdings for those ethnic groups other than my own, e.g. Ireland, England, Canada etc.

So, have you done an assessment of your holdings?  What are you missing?  Perhaps you have a birthday coming up and can drop some hints!  Can you give me some recommendations?  How do you keep track of your library?

Happy hunting!


What I have done since the last post:  read a couple more chapters of Evidence Explained!, revisited the SGS Writing Guidelines and resubmitted for review, wrote the Publication Guidelines and distributed the document; wrote to all the potential authors for the next SGS Bulletin to remind them of the deadline for draft submission; commented on the submissions of the mission statement and the citations and I am preparing for our second cohort  discussion next Tuesday for the ProGen class. started reading the latest NGS Magazine (somehow I missed it when it first came out.)


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