Happy Mother’s Day!

Bode Gertrude

Gertrude Bode Jacobson, b. 1911, d. 1995

She was the most fair person I knew, and generous with a great sense of humor.  She was a woman of her times, however.  I am not sure she totally understood a daughter who wanted to be an architect. But, she was willing to support her daughter in whatever she decided.

Story:  (Only discovered when the women of the 1966 class of Britt (IA) High School compared notes at our 40th HS class reunion.)

In our junior year of high school, all parents were to talk to the counselor of the high school about the aspirations of the child and to receive guidance as to achievement of that goal.  I was a strong student; Mother came from a family of academics.

When my classmates, all smart women, and I compared notes 40 years later…..

Classmate 1 shared that her mother had been told by the counselor that she should be a secretary…and so that was what she did.

Classmate 2 shared that her mother had been told she should be a secretary …and she tried that for a while before she went to college.

Classmate 3 shared that her mother had been told she should be a secretary…but she went to college anyway.

I thought a minute, because I remember when my mother came back from that session with the counselor.  I asked her what the counselor had to say and with only a tight jaw to indicate her level of anger, she said, “Any thing you want to be”  and walked out of the room.

Thanks, Mom.  Happy Mother’s Day to everyone who had one!  🙂

Happy Hunting!



2 comments on “Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. Mary says:

    Your mother was quite a woman! I really enjoyed that story.
    Happy Mother’s Day!

    • jkmorelli says:

      Of course, she never told me. It’s interesting how clearly I remember that moment. I was sitting at the dining room table and she walked through the kitchen. I can almost remember what she was wearing! Funny what we remember.


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