I have exciting news!

First the good news!

I submitted an article to the Illinois State Genealogical Quarterly and it was accepted!  Not only was it accepted but it is going to be their lead article and I get the cover!  I am very exited about this.

The article is written in NGSQ style (scholarly) with full citations.  NGSQ style of writing is usually a case study which illustrates the use of different analytical tools to determine conclusions that are not obvious.  It concludes usually with a genealogical summary.  My article was on the discovery of the birth village of my great grandmother which I determined by researching a neighbor who turned out to be her sister.  I then found the birth location of the sister and thereby found the birth village of my ancestor.

I used onamastic (I had never heard of that word before….basically patronymic naming) analysis to see the similarities in the names of the parents which indicated kinship.  By researching the two of them side-by-side, all pieces fell into place.

The article is over 5000 words long (counting the citations).  Whew!

In a previous article, I blogged about my subject/locality guide on House Histories.  I believe that one will be submitted to SGS Bulletin for publication when it is needed.

Thanks for letting me share my news with you!

Happy Hunting!


What I have done since the last post: finished up my client working on his Norwegian side of his family, started working on my sorority sister’s ex-husband’s Danish family (for the kids) and am starting to layout the SGS newsletter which goes out the end of this month.  I did volunteer to be the Publications Chair again next year for Seattle Genealogical Society.  I have a big project coming in the door May 15th–and it has to be done and to the publisher by the time we leave for the Cape in mid-June.

The bad news?  I found out about the acceptance of the article while sitting in my car keeping warm… which I was doing because I had to wait for the Seattle Police to arrive….because my car had been hit by a van.  I am fine.  The car is in the car hospital. Life goes on.


6 comments on “I have exciting news!

  1. Jana Last says:

    Congratulations on your article’s acceptance! How exciting!

  2. Mary says:

    How very exciting for you! So glad you shared your achievement with all of your loyal minions! The car situation, however, really does suck…but, as you say, life does go on!

    • jkmorelli says:

      The odd news then, is that though there are only now 2 in the family, we do have 3 cars and I walk to work most days. So, it’s really not a big imposition.

      Just came insideincredibly warm outsidesat on our newly stained Adirondack chairsenjoying our last bit of “summer” until July.


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