My Dinner with Judy!*

Tonight I had dinner with Judy Russell and with other members of the Board of Seattle Genealogical Society (See below; Judy is on the left side.  Mary is the most in front and then Judy).  I had a very good time; the conversation flowed smoothly and all were engaged.  Judy will be our speaker at our Saturday Spring Seminar tomorrow.  Since I sit on the Board of SGS, I was invited.  What fun!

2013 0517 dinner Judy Russell

I thought I would share some interesting tidbits about Judy that you may not be aware of:

  • Judy writes her blog almost every day (  But, she does not have a stack of blogs ready to go out but rather has a stack of ideas that she can draw upon.
  • When she needs a topic, she goes to or some other online repository and looks at the records for an area of which she knows little.  After poking around in the records she usually always finds something of interest to write about.
  • She is as friendly as she seems.
  • She is employed full time and still does all that she does!  Whew.
  • Judy has family in the Seattle area that she hasn’t seen in quite some time; Mary Roddy figured it out as a 2nd cousin.
  • Ginny S. was urged to apply to speak at the FGS conference about writing grants (SGS is pretty good at writing and receiving grants–our latest is to scan the Seattle area’s VFW cards.)
  • When she bought her copy of Mastering Genealogical Proof, she went and got Tom Jones to sign it! (Mine came in the mail today.)
  • Judy was recently notified of her receipt of the certification as a genealogical lecturer from BCG.  As she was opening up her slide show on her computer to add the postnomials to her presentation, she discovered she had loaded an old version.  The good news was, she had a thumbdrive–the bad news was that even the thumbdrive had a old version.  She, like so many of us, do a “belts, suspenders and a rope” approach.  Thank goodness for the “rope”–DropBox.

I am looking forward to tomorrow and the advanced session on Sunday.

Happy Hunting!


What I have done since my last post:  worked on Frank’s layouts of his memoirs (deadline:  get to before I leave on vacation, preferably around the 1st of June); worked on my ProGen assignment (it needs polishing); worked with the Illinois State Genealogical Editor to get my article ready to be published in their quarterly.  I am still very excited.

* Have you ever seen the movie, “My Dinner with Andre?”  I haven’t, although I have paid for admission twice!  Both times I fell asleep before the waiter gave the two participants their menus and proceded to sleep through the whole thing.  That was not the  case tonight!


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