Jamboree Day #1

I am attending Jamboree in Southern California the next three days and already have had a great experience.

i had breakfast by myself but as I walked out there was my ProGen mento, Craig Scott. I introduced myself and we got to talking about the characteristics of a great presentation (he is doing a presentation on military history, an area of which he is well known.).

So, here is a few pointers from the expert:

  1. Craig says he spends about 80 hours preparing for a presentation
  2. a good way to learn about a topic is to say you will present on a tropic and then spend the time to learn how to do it.
  3. do not read your presentation
  4. if you don’t know– you have a choice of saying you don’t know or giving a scenario that has in basis in fact and then declaring that you are giving a possible .  Perhaps someone else has any information
  5. use ppt arrows rather than risk your laser pointer battery dying or being too “busy” with your pointer
  6. Exorcise ummms and ahhhhs from the presentation

Happy Hunting!


What I have done since the last posting: primarily the SGS Bulletin and the SGS newsletter.  Lots more but I will write more later!


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