Jamboree: Friday

What a terrific morning with John Colletta!  He talked on NARA records and really dispelled some of the barriers I had built myself about accessing the wealth of information in the Archives. Some of his items of interest included case studies of record groups that were other then the typical pension, naturalization and census records. Civil War draft registrations were particularly interesting for me because of the still unanswered question, “was Jens Dahle a substitute?”  And “why did Thomas Halvorson muster in to the 1st Minnesota in February of 1865?”  Thomas is my latest CW guy to deal with.

After a very pleasant lunch with the ProGen attendees, I attended a session by Judy Russell on “The Ethical Genealogist” and Paula Stuart-Warren’s session on railroad records.  Judy’s session was a very good reminder to “play nice with others” and Paula’s session  explored record sets related to railroad employment (my great grandfather worked on the railroad through Britt, IA until he earned enough to make a down payment on a farm.)

It was a good day and I look forward to learning more tomorrow.

Happy Hunting!


What I have done since the last post: attended the NARA presentation, also talked to a woman who has a photo of her Revolutionary war ancestor and which has  never been published; also met some wonderful folks interested in becoming certified; and reviewed two BCG applications. Judy R. urged me to get on the clock. Met Randy Seaver at the “blogging table” as well as Lisa Marie Cooke. Tomorrow I want to talk with


2 comments on “Jamboree: Friday

  1. Ray Hager says:


    Your comment about Jens Dahle caught my attention as I was unaware of the that draftees were allowed to recruit “substitutes”. After looking up some info on the practice I see (Ref: http://www.etymonline.com/cw/draft.htm) that, in 1862, some states were given quotas from Washington, and conducted their own drafts. However, this reference also indicates that, as late as Sept. 1862, Minnesota was given approval to postpone it’s draft due to the Sioux Uprising. Since Jens reported for duty in March 1862, I’m wondering what indications you have that that might show Jens may have been a “substitute” draftee (if that is the correct term…).

    BTW, I posted the oldest photo I have of him here: http://www.1stminnesota.net/1st.php?ID=1326

    Ray Hager (Great-Grandson to Jens Dahle)

    • jkmorelli says:

      The only “evidence” I have of Jens being a substitute is a family hypothesis that perhaps he was a substitute. I have a friend checking out this hypothesis this week in DC. I would not be surprised with either answer.

      Thanks for the picture

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