Jamboree Saturday am

Well, I am sitting in a session on blogging!!

the speakers include:

  1. Paula Stuart-Warren:  Http://paulastuartwarren.blogspot com.
  2. Judy Russell:  http://thelegalgenealogist
  3. Ce Ce Moore: http://yourgeneticgenealogist.com
  4. Denise Levenick: http://yourfamilycurator.com

It is facilitated by Thomas McEntee.

How fun is this.

Who do they read: Randy Seaver, Judy Russell, Judy Fox

Google reader is going away July 1.  Alternatives: Clipboard. Feetleap(?), news blur.

“Cousin bait”:  a blog works to pull in the relatives. Judy credited Randy Seaver with the term.  He then thought he got the term from someone else.  Even if you stop blogging, keep it up as other family members will still find it and connect back.

When cousin bait goes bad: But it can cause problems when you post items which may cause the family issues.

Tillies Tales: http://tillies tales.com

Judy Fox: http://foxkellarbuggy.blogspot.com

Future: blogs need to stick around; need to footnote content; societies need to blog; want to keep the concept of blogs as a representative of our individual voices; integration of videos, influence the the major vendors.

how to start a blog:  that is the title for that blog!! Check it out if you are interested.

Sorry I couldn’t do the links.

Happy hunting!



One comment on “Jamboree Saturday am

  1. Cathyvon says:

    Feetleap=Feedly? It is wha I am slowing moving to.

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