Jamboree Sunday

Its the last day of the conference and that is always a hard day for the speakers and the attendees as the energy can start to drop for each.

I attended some good presentations but most are not related to my own genealogy but more about broadening my experience — not a bad thing at all.

Breakfast: I heard about the collection at the New England Genealogical and History Society in Boston. I have no New England ancestors at all but have done some research for clients in the area.  The presentation was by the Chief Genealogist at the Library, so we were hearing from the expert. Very cool, as the library is located on Newberry Street, a short distance from where my daughter lives.

California Collections:  I wanted to learn about California collections but unfortunately this was given by an ancestry.com person and it really was about doing searches on ancestry.  That’s the bad news. The good news?  I really learned a lot!  It was good for me to sit through.

Research Plans: this was not as good as I was hoping.  There was too much time spent brainstorming what you COULD do and not enough for me in how to present the data which is my area of weakness.

Lunch was in the sun talking with Judy, a fellow ProGen person who will be in my SLIG class in January.

Writing creative non-fiction:  I didn’t feel like I got a lot out of this but not everyone can be a winner. The presenter uses Scrivener which I think I should be able to use but for some reason isn’t working.  Maybe I will try again.  Third time’s the charm?

archival storage of “stuff”. This was presented by Denise Levenick She addressed how we should be storing our records and the variety of stuff we have that needs to be protected. I felt guilty with what I had done and what I had not done, but I don’t think that placed me in a unique group From anyone else in the audience.

A great regional conference that was a great size.  I got a chance to meet Cindy Howells (cindyslist) and have dinner with Judy Russell, Cindy and Paula Stuart-Warren. I talked to Paula about speaking at our OGSA conference next year as she is from Mpls.

All for now–I have to go catch a plane home.

Happy Hunting!



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