My Dinner with Judy!*

2013 0517 dinner Judy RussellAt the spring seminar the SGS Board members got the opportunity to have dinner with our speaker, Judy Russell.** .  I was thrilled to be included and it was a very fun dinner.

First, the Norwegian Street Fair resulted in my being approximately 60 minutes late but, I ordered and got “caught up” by dessert time.  Perfect.

So, here are some little known (and some well known) facts that Judy shared with us.

  • She is as friendly and approachable as she seems.
  • The picture she uses as her professional photo was a passport photo she took herself.
  • On the day she got notice of her certification as a certified genealogical lecturer, she found she had loaded the wrong lecture onto not only her computer but also her thumbdrive!  (Thanks goodness for dropbox)
  • She has very distant relatives here in Seattle.  Mary Roddy figured the complicated relationship to be 2nd cousins.
  • She does not have a warehouse full of blogs waiting to be posted, i.e. she does not write ahead.  As one of the most prolific bloggers I know, I find this amazing.  She does have numerous blogs started with ideas.  In my effort to “be like Judy”, I have started “idea blogging” as well.
  • She and I will both be at Jamboree  (and we had dinner together there also!)
  • She wrote a short article for the SGS Bulletin about a state legislator in VA who couldn’t get a divorce in his home state. He found out the WA didn’t have such archaic divorce rules and so he got himself named a WA territorial governor.  he stayed 2 years, just long enough to get his divorce.  He then remarried a girl from Olympia and moved back to VA.  (Judy is soon to give a presentation on divorce and this will be her lead “attention grabber”!)
  • Her topics are generally not about her family except on Sundays.
  • She will often go “mining” for material by picking a state she knows nothing about and pokes around in familysearch until she finds something that looks interesting.  And, then writes about it! (I am working on a blog posting for January which I did exactly the same way. It seems like a good technique.)

I had a wonderful time!

Happy Hunting!


*not to be confused with “My Dinner with Andre,” a movie that my husband took me to twice.  The first time I made it to the time the waiter approached the table to give them their menu’s before falling asleep!  The second time I didn’t make it through the credits!  I slept through the movie both times.  Hubby gave up.  I certainly did not sleep through the very spirited conversation we had with Judy and the Board.

**I had started this blog posting back in May and then for some reasons didn’t post it; I am doing so now.


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    I want you to know that your blog post is listed in today’s Fab Finds post at

    Have a wonderful weekend!

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